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Introduction & History

This site is dedicated to fine English and American coins and tokens. Our specialty is "emergency coinage," issued to fill a need for small change in society. Introduction & history of 17th through 19th century issues, primarily coppers, are linked here for your education and pleasure. I hope you enjoy it Bill McKivor.


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Early Token History History 
Gun Money History 
17th Century British Token CoinageIntroHistory
Boulton & Watt & the Soho Mint UPDATED! HistorySee
"Sold &
For Sale"
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18th Century English Provincial token coinage -- or "Conder" tokens --
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
Dr. Richard Doty Reference Collection Sold 
English "Evasion" HalfpenniesIntroHistory
19th Century (1811-1820) Copper Penny & Halfpenny TokensIntroHistory
19th Century English "Unofficial Farthings" 1838-1870Intro 
Counterstamped Dollars of 1797-1804
Bank Token issues of 1804-1816
Silver Token issues of 1811-1812

United States

George Washington Pieces Sold 
United States Colonial Coins and TokensIntro  
United States "Hard Times Tokens"
United States Civil War CentsIntro  
United States Merchant Tokens 1850-1890Intro  
Western Americana   


Books (including Bibliography)Intro 
Fun StuffIntro 
Bargain Bin  

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