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  • Many of the major token references are listed, with information about them, even if they are not for sale. (Click the "For Sale" button to access current price list including books.)

  • You will find some reference books listed in each section on the "Intro" list — however, there are a few books that should be of interest listed here.

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Charlton’s Canadian Colonial Tokens — 2007 edition.


It is to be understood that many of these are listed for your information only. Some I have never had in stock and never will, but felt the need to list them for the reader as they do contain interesting information. Most of the books listed are volumes that are, or have been, of prime importance to the collector of the different series. There are literally hundreds of other books that could be listed.

17th Century British Tokens

Boyne, William, Tokens of the 17th Century. 1858. 632pp, 42 plates. This is the original work by Boyne, in one volume, with an index. Covers every county in Britain that issued these crude, small tokens used for everyday change.

Williamson, J., 17th Century tokens. 1891. Otherwise known as "Williamson's Boyne", the original version was simply a reprint of the earlier work. Williamson has been updated slightly with new additions over the years, the best version being a three volume set by Seaby in 1967. The three volume set is consecutively numbered to a total of 1574 pages, and contains some line drawings with a complete index to the issuers. The current "Bible" of the 17th C British pieces. Also a later 2 volume reprint exists. The two volume reprint.

Dickinson, Michael, 17th Century Tokens of the British Isles and their Values. 1986. 292 pages, with a second printing by Spink in 2004. Indispensable for pricing, though for complete descriptions of the tokens Williamson or Boyne is needed. Still and all an indispensable volume, and much needed to understand the values of tokens you have. (Available from Spink.)

Other 17th Century token books

There are many of these, most of them superseded by Boyne-Williamson, some done later that have additional information, but on a county by county basis. Work is ongoing to update the Williamson volumes and add information not yet available to most collectors. If I receive any of the earlier volumes I will put them on the site for sale. Most are valuable to one who collects by county, for book collectors, and for historical background information.

C. Boone, Welsh Tokens of the 17th Century. Card covered, 144 pages.

18th Century British Tokens -- the catalogues

Conder, James. An arrangement of Provincial Coins, tokens, and medalets. 1798. 320pp, this book was the first to put the tokens that had recently been struck in a logical order -- by county. It was the bible of the series until Atkins book in 1892, and was then further superceded by Dalton and Hamer. The 1798 volume was the first edition, though there is also a 1799 second edition available. Finding a nice one can be a challenge, but they do come up from time to time.

Denton, M. The Virtuoso's Companion and coin collector's guide. London, 1797. Coin dealer and collector Denton, who also issued his own tokens, produced this work in eight sections. They are sometimes found bound in two volumes, and in 1799-1800 Denton produced the work in four volumes. The volumes contain essentially an introduction, and the rest are plates of tokens. The tokens are not in any particular order, and not easy to find, but it does show that these pieces were genuine to the time, and not later issues.

Pye, Charles, Provisional Copper Coins or Tokens. 1796. 36 plates, introduction and an index of makers. One of the first volumes to be produced, with good definition in the plates. Not complete by any means, as the 1795 date was at a time when the pieces were still being issued. He later produced an 1801 volume, not changing the plates but giving much new information on the die sinkers and issuers, with some mintages. The latter volume is most valuable for the researcher. Original volumes include plates and gilt spine.

Dalton & Hamer, The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century. The "bible" of the series, often called "Conder" tokens. Issued in sections between 1910 and 1917, it is one of the finest references in a numismatic series ever done. Reprinted many times over the years, the 2004 Edition -- the latest one, is available -- with 561 pages plus a update bound in. Profusely illustrated, with literally thousands of photos, it is a wonderful book. I cannot imagine anyone seriously collecting 18th Century British tokens without this reference. NEW 2004 EDITION -- includes shipping -- Please note, as of 8/15/09 I have but one volume left. It is out of print, I can get no more. It will be some time before more are available, but I shall assume another edition will be printed eventually.

Dalton & Hamer, As above, but this one containing many of the original plates and sections. These have been bound into a two volume set, mostly original sections, a few reprints. These were used to do the 1990 (and subsequent 1996 and 2004) printings of the book by Allan Davisson. This is the bound volume of these sections, and form a complete book. Historical.

Dalton and Hamer, As the last, but an original grouping of the individual chapters written between 1910 and 1917. Bound in a two volume set with blue cloth covers, it is very decent throughout. Oddly, it is missing Chapter 11, Wales, but this chapter will be supplied in its original form. All chapters with the colotype plates, and all original. It shall be for the buyer to decide to leave the set as is with the extra chapter external to it, or have the book rebound with the chapter on Wales included.

Atkins, James. 18th Century Tokens. 1892. An out of print work that is superceded by the magnum opus of Dalton and Hamer, listed above. D&H also puts photos to use where Atkins has none.

Atkins, James -- same volume as above, but still quite valuable for the listing of Evasion tokens. completely out of print, and a reprint of the Evasion section is available, recently done by Paul and Bente Withers. 16 page self covering booklet, very handy as a checklist. Orderable.

Cobwright, M. I. A walk in the Monkolokian Forest in search of the Spiny Fubbaduck. 1992. Certainly the most refreshing title, it is quite evasive as to what is inside, and it covers Evasion tokens, of course!! This is the latest volume dealing with the odd evasion pieces that proliferated during and after the issue of the 18th C tokens, with odd legends and made to look worn. 52 pages, a vastly expanded and corrected listing from the one in Atkins. Available as a newly done reprint.

Additional important works -- all contain information about the issuers of 18th C tokens. the first five were done by R. C. Bell in the 1960's, and are very handy to have for background information.

The five Bell books below are all out of print, and always in demand. I have some from time to time, and am always looking for more. If you have any to sell let me know. If it says "sold" here, check with me as I do not always get the web site updated.

Bell, R. C., Commercial Coins, 1787-1804. 319pp. This volume, Bell's first, covers genuine trade tokens (GTT) which were tokens ordered by merchants with a date, value, name of issuer, and a promise to redeem. Lots of information about the issuers of such pieces, with B&W photos. All of Bell's books, of which this is the first, were written in the 1960's.

Bell, R. C., Tradesmen's Tickets and Private Tokens. 314pp. This book covers pieces made to look like genuine trade tokens, but have no value or promise to redeem. Thus, they are considered Tradesmen's tickets -- and Private Tokens, one of the more interesting groups covered, as they were made by collectors to trade with others, and the number made was very small, usually 18 to 72 pieces. They are among the most interesting and most sought by collectors. Here Bell lists them, pictures them, and gives information about the people who issued them.

Bell, R. C., Specious tokens, and tokens made for general circulation. 257pp. This volume contains information on the largest group of tokens, pieces that were "counterfeited" to look like genuine trade pieces, and pieces that were muled from others to pass for general circulation. A most interesting volume covering a good deal of territory. Supposedly the most elusive of the Bell books, but I am not sure of that.

Bell, R. C., The Building Medalets (of London and Birmingham) -- 183pp. These come under the heading of "Made for collectors by enterprising manufacturers", for the most part Skidmore and Kempson. The title tells all, the makers engraved the likeness of many buildings, churches, and city gates on tokens, and sold them over the counter. Interestingly, many of the buildings pictured are still standing, and it can come as a surprise to come up from the underground in London and be right across the street from a famous building as seen in the book.

Bell, R. C., Political and Commemorative pieces simulating Tradesmen's Tokens, 285pp. This final Bell volume has information on the issuers of pieces issued for political purpose, including a complete discussion of Thomas Spence, whose satirical political tokens often had him in hot water. As well, it lists medals and medalets of National interest, featuring the King, Queen, Prince of Wales, and many other players on the Royal stage and in Parliament. A most interesting volume.

Hawker, C. R., Druid Tokens. 70 pages, card covered. These are 18th Century noted taken from Matthew Boulton's letters. Boulton and Watt's Soho mint were involved in the striking of the Druid pieces at one point, and this book has much information about the issue.

Longman, W., Tokens of the 18th century connected with booksellers and book makers. 1916, 90pp. Longman had a interest in this work, as he was himself a "bookseller and book maker", as well as an author. He lists every known token that has a connection with the business in any way, giving history of each issuer, and other interesting information. Well written and well researched. Since he was the publisher of his own book, it was published in quantity, however they are not easy to find today. General price range $75-125.

Samuel, Richard, Bazaar, Exchange, and Mart. 524pp. This was a magazine, for which Samuel was a contributor for a 10 year period in the 1880's. He had a column dealing with the tokens, and nearly all of Bell's material in the five books at the beginning of this section came from these pages. Harold Welch found a set of these magazines, and copied all of the relevant pages, issuing a book as a result. It was offered in hardbound (90 copies) and softbound (10 copies), 100 in all. Bell did not get it all, there is a lot of information here that he did not publish in his 5 books listed above. The "reprint of Samuel" is today very hard to find. General price range, $350.

Waters, Arthur, Notes on the Token Coinage of South London. Welch reprint, 1998. hardbound, 33 pages, 2 plates. The original printing was card covered and limited to 100 copies, and is nearly impossible to find and quite pricey. Interesting information covering Southwark and other parts of what is now South London. The reprint was limited to 25 copies, so either way it is rare. General price range, originals $250 and up, reprints $75 or so.

Waters, Arthur, Notes on the 18th Century tokens of Middlesex. 1906. 98 pages. This elusive (and expensive) volume contains much information not found elsewhere about tokens issued in London and surrounds in the 1790's. There were 200 hardbound copies printed, and there has been no reprinting at this time. General price range $250 and up.

Waters, Arthur, Notes on the token coinage of the 18th Century. 1954. 54pp. Waters thought that Dalton and Hamer, who produced the "bible" had a fine book, but also that it did not cover some information about the issuers that should be covered. He thus wrote this card-covered book, which covered D&H from cover to cover, with additional information. Quite valuable for information, this booklet has sold in horrible condition for $35, and in nearly mint state for $125.

WHITMORE, John, The Token Collector's Companion. 390pp, 2006. Illustrated. This book is listed here, but has both 18th and 19th C use. Included in this volume is a survey of token literature, far more complete than you shall find here. A Token Tracer, allowing the user to trace pieces that are not immediately understood, a section on Auction Prices for 18th C Tokens, an update of the Unofficial Farthings catalogue, with new finds and rarity ratings, a Unofficial Farthings Price Guide, something not done previously and sorely needed, another needed item, a complete index to R.P.N. Hawkins "Dictionary of Makers", along with revised and new sections on Inn tokens, with a Inn token tracer. John is to be complimented for writing such a usable book. I use mine often.

Hamer, S. H., Notes on the Private Tokens, their issuers and Die Sinkers. Issued as part of the British Numismatic Journal in three parts, Vol 1, 1905, Vol 2, 1906, and Vol 190x. Also issued as a reprint in the same three parts. Part 1, 34 pages, part two, 28 pages, part three 10 pages. Card covered. The offprint is very rare, the Journals may be found occasionally. His findings on the issuers of Private 18th C tokens, many of the observations not repeated anywhere else. This was never published outside the BNJ reprint, and is nearly impossible to find. It was reprinted again in the Conder Token Collector Club's Journal a while back.

Doty, Richard R, Dr., The Soho Mint and the Industrialization of Money. 1998. Large format, 352pp. Here the curator of the National Money Collection at the Smithsonian takes us on a journey to the heart of the industrial revolution, Matthew Boulton, James Watt, the steam engine, and a steam powered mint. An amazing trip, steam and it's effect on the money of the entire world. Of course, the first thing struck by steam power was not a coin at all, but a 18th Century Provincial (Conder) Token!!

Davis, William J., The Token Coinage of Warwickshire, 1895. 132pp. This book is quite interesting, as he lists items from both the 18th and 19th Century that were manufactured or had a good connection to Warwickshire. In many places pieces he lists as "from there" are listed elsewhere in D&H and other catalogues. Lots of good information on the issuers as well, he covers not only tokens, but medals, medalets, and other numismatic items. 500 printed, possible to find.

19th Century Tokens

Davis, W. J., 19th Century Token Coinage. 1904. Also a Seaby reprint, 1969. 284 pages, 15 plates. This book has been superceded by the next listing. Currently only valuable for tokens issued between 1804-1810, which are few and far between.

Withers, Paul & Bente, 19th Century Copper Tokens, 1811-1820. 264 pp. Fantastic book, with a layout similar to Dalton and Hamer, lots of illustrated tokens, historical information, & easy to use. Rarity rating included. Once again, the "Bible" of the series, and indispensable for the collector.

Bell, R. C., Copper Commercial Coins (of the 19th Century). 1964. 238pp, illustrated with 15 additional pages of plates. Though this cannot be used as a collector's catalogue, it is valuable for information on the issuers not found elsewhere.


Bell, R. C., Unofficial Farthings. 248pp, illustrated throughout. this volume is needed to collect the Unofficial Farthings, as the Supplement, below, does not have the complete description of each piece as does this book. A bit difficult to locate. There is a hardbound volume, and also a softbound book done by Cedric Schwer, with a price guide in the back.

BELL, WHITMORE, & SWEENEY, Unofficial Farthings, a Supplement. This volume re-numbers Bell's "Unofficial Farthings", and gives up to date rarity ratings. You really need Bell's original book to get complete descriptions, but also need this book for a great number of additions and corrections. Out of print, and nearly out of stock. this book has been superceded by the volume listed below, the Token Collector's Companion, which also contains a price guide not available previously!!

WHITMORE, John, The Token Collector's Companion. 390pp, 2006. Illustrated. This book is listed here, but has both 18th and 19th Century use. Included in this volume is a survey of token literature, far more complete than you shall find here, A Token Tracer, allowing the user to trace pieces that are not immediately understood, a section on Auction Prices for 18th Century Tokens, an update of the Unofficial Farthings catalogue, with new finds and rarity ratings, a Unofficial Farthings Price Guide, something not done previously and sorely needed, another needed item, a complete index to R.P.N. Hawkins "Dictionary of Makers", revised and new sections with Inn tokens, with a Inn token tracer. John is to be complimented for writing such a usable book. I use mine often.

Dalton, Richard, Silver Token Coinage. 1922. 64pp, illustrated throughout. The original catalogue was printed with soft covers, only 200 issued. Quite rare today. A reprint, hardbound, by Seaby in 1968, is far easier (and cheaper) to locate. Very well done, still the "bible" of silver token collectors.

Kelly, E. M., Spanish Dollars and Silver Tokens. 152pp. A very interesting read, covering the Spanish silver dollars countermarked for use in Britain, and also the silver bank token issues of 1811-1816. History of each, why necessary, problems with issues, metrology, and more.

Mays, James O., Tokens of those Trying Times. 248pp. This volume is quite wonderful, containing the history of silver token issue, much interesting material, and at the back a reproduced copy of Dalton's Catalogue of the pieces!! Well done, and usually easy to find.

Waters, Arthur, Notes on the silver token Coinage of the 19th Century. Card covered, 22 pages. this includes the same sort of "additional material" that Waters put in his 18th C volume. Quite interesting to the collector of the pieces, and desirable. Easier to find than the 18th Century volume as well.

On 17th Through 19th Century Tokens.

Nielson, Bryce, One Thousand Guineas, softbound, 8 1/2 X `11 format, this covers all of those imitation Spade Guineas, half guineas, advertising guineas, and lots more. Some of the tokens are in D&H, Too!!! All you ever wanted to know about these counters.

Kent, G. C., Kent's British metallic Coins and tradesmen's tokens with their values. Hardbound, 354 pages, 1913. Very interesting as a very early price guide, and also interesting for the ads that are in the book, (one for Water's now very rare books on London tokens). The provincial tokens of each county are addressed, and have a value assigned with a description. The book also contains the same for the Silver token issues. A most interesting piece of history, and don't we wish we could see these prices today!

Richard Williams, Wales and it's Money. 1974. Well illustrated, hardbound. 120pp. Lots of illustrations, and very interesting. Covers coins, tokens, and paper money of Wales. Difficult to locate.

Davis, W, and Waters, A., Tickets and Passes. This is perhaps a bit out of the realm of token collectors, but they keep bumping into them, and many of them are very interesting. Metallic tokens for the Kings Private Roads in the 18th C, Theatre passes in the 18th and 19th centuries, and much, much more. The original book (340pp + index) was issued with 150 copies produced. A later reprint by Seaby is the best bet to have. Quite sought after.

Seaby, London --

  • Three volumes. Coins and Tokens of Scotland. Hardbound, 160pp, 1970. A ton of information in small form.
  • British tokens and their Values. 1970, and a later 1984 volume. With a price guide, covers England, Isle of Man, and more. Very useful to carry to shows. A 1970 volume. 200pp.
  • Irish Token Coinage. 1970. With a price guide, this covers Irish tokens 17th and 18th Century, as well as Gunmoney, and more. Valuable as many things in it are not elsewhere readily. 168pp.

AUCTION CATALOGUES -- Please ask, have some from DNW, Baldwins, Spinks, etc, as well as some early ones featuring the collections formed by many notable token collectors. An Example -- Glendennings, 18th Century token collection formed by Richard Dalton, 1930.

Peters, Ken, The Counterfeit Coin Story. From the Greeks to the Euro, with heavy emphasis on the British, including tokens, evasions, and more. A look at counterfeits, and the counterfeiters -- with lots of photos and humorous anecdotes. Fun Book!! Card covered, 218 pages, and a standard 8 1/2 x 11 Format. If you collect counterfeit halfpence, evasions, or even the odd Conder token, this should be in your library. Popular book and an interesting read.

Ashraf, P. M., The Life and Times of Thomas Spence. 1983 Hardbound, 212 pages. Contains a biography of Spence, and a selection of writings by him. Interesting reading, regretfully not all of the facts in the book about his life are. Facts, that is. But mostly fine, interesting read.

Spokesman Press, Pigs Meat. The selected writings of Thomas Spence -- as they appeared in Spence's publications of the same name. The biography in this book is based on the writings of Rudkin, which were not always accurate -- but the introduction is very good, and the writings of Spence speak for themselves. A good look at the mind of this prolific token issuer and one of the first socialists. Very good content, and most interesting.

Rogers, David, Toy Coins. Galata Press, 1990. Hardbound, well produced book that covers English Toy Coins, Model money, Speilmarkes, medalets, and much more, from the pre 1870 era to the present day. Much information on items made in England for other countries, including the USA. Much historical background, information on makers, and photographs throughout. All those odd pieces you have and can't identify are probably in here. Signed and numbered by Rogers. This is a book with a very low production run. If wanted I will order it subject to availability.

Whiting, J. R. S., Trade Tokens, a Social and Economic history. 1971. 192pp, hardbound. Not many writers have bothered to touch on the social and economic implications of the tokens. I have found this book to be fascinating, and have quoted it quite a bit in my own writing.

Whiting, J. R. S., A Medallic History of Britain. Soft cover.

Withers, Paul & Bente, British Coin Weights, 1993. 364pp. Included here as many collectors find they are interesting and though not coins or tokens, certainly look like they belong. The most comprehensive book yet written on the subject, and the only one to have. With a tipped in price guide, which is worth the price of admission. If interested, I can order it for you.

Books on Royalty Medalets

Whittlestone & Ewing are the authors of the following volumes: All are obtainable, just ask.

Queen Victoria Royal Commemorative Medals, 1837-1977. Volume 1. Newly printed, a run of only 100 or so, invaluable for those who collect Victoria medals and medalets. Card covered.

Queen Victoria -- Silver Jubilee Medals and Medalets of 1887. Volume 2.

Edward the VII -- Medallions of Edward the VII, 1902-1910. Softbound -- Volume 4.

Edward the VIII -- Medallions of Edward the VIII -- to 1936. Softbound -- Volume 5.

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