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Tokens from the Boulton & Watt Family Holdings

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collection of Bill McKivor,

This page contains tokens from the "Conder" era, 1787-1804 that were produced by the Soho mint. Unless otherwise stated, each piece pictured came from the Boulton or the Watt family holdings.

Photography by Eric Holcomb
click on photos to enlarge

This group, to be expanded, contain tokens that were owned by the Boulton family, and purchased from them through their agent Tim Millett.  All will be identified by their catalog number in Dalton and Hamer's "Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century". Pictured, Top Left Cornwall #2, 1791. Top Right, Hampshire 89, 1791. Second row, Warwickshire 289, 1792. Second row right, Hertfordshire Stortford #4.

Some tokens from the Boulton Family holdings. From top left, Cornwall D&H 2, Druid/Shield. Hertfordshire 4, Shield/View of the River Stort. Middlesex, Ibberson's halfpenny, St; George and the Dragon/Mail Coaches &c. Yorkshire 34, Bishop Blaze/Leeds Cloth Hall.  Wicklow halfpenny, Bishop's head/Miner's arms.

White Metal Tokens, Commemorating George III's return from madness, 1789. EX: James Watt Jr. holdings. Morton and Eden, Nov 2002, Lot 212 (part). Purchased at the sale.

Over a period of years from 2002-2004 a number of tokens have been sold. A few of them are to be viewed in the "montages" of tokens from 2002 and 2004, and others not pictured that were obtained in 2003. A few of the other tokens that have been sold are pictured here as well. All of them were in the Boulton Family holdings.

Montage of Tokens struck at the Soho Mint. This group obtained 2002.
Pictured at left, Yorkshire, Leeds #34, proofs. Center photo, Hertfordshire, Stortford #4, Proofs.
EX: Matthew Robinson Boulton holdings. These were purchased in 2002.

The above montage is of 14 tokens found in a "roll" of tissue (pictured to the right) that were released by the Boulton family. Purchased October, 2004 from Boulton agent Tim Millett. The tissue roll is being saved, and some of the tokens from the roll will be placed in my collection, with the rest for sale. The roll contained one Hampshire 89, three Cornwall, and one Stortford token, along with eight Warwickshire, Wilkinson 389 tokens, and one counterfeit 1793 "Wilkison" issue, so far the only non-Soho token found in the Boulton holdings.

The above token from Scotland, Lanarkshire D&H 2, is from the James Watt Jr holdings, and were lot # 293 (10 tokens) in the Morton and Eden sale of November 13-14, 2002. They were re-offered as lots 771(4 tokens) and 772(5 tokens) at DNW, London, 7 October, 2004. The nine remaining pieces were purchased by me at that time. Ex James Watt family holdings.

New Acquisitions from Boulton family, 2007

Intro ... Three more tokens were released by the family in the 2007 grouping.

 The top piece, with one shell, is a Ireland, Wexford Enniscorthy #2. The rarest of the four of the type. The photo does not do justice to this proof token. The two bottom photos are of Hertfordshire, Stortford 4 examples. This was one of the Boulton family's favorites, and some were kept on hand to pass out to potential customers. One of the pieces is very nice, the other slightly dampstained.

The tokens pictured below did not belong to the Boulton or Watt families, but are Soho mint products of a quality that deserved to be represented in the collection.

Kings Island (Ireland) Charleville, D&H 1. 13 pence. Gilt Proof. 1802. This piece is one of a very few gilt proofs of this interesting token produced. This piece was not part of the family holdings, but was from Soho. Interesting and rare.

Non-family owned tokens struck at the Soho Mint. On the left, the obverse and the reverse of a token struck for Croom's in Scotland, D&H Angusshire 14. On the right, a token struck for Daniel Eccleston, D&H Lancashire 58.

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