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FOR SALE Something for Everyone!

Current price list of items for sale:
(updated May 2020)

2020 Quarterly List #100: PDF file | docx file

Archived price lists of items for sale:
(moved to a separate page)

Files are available in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word (doc or docx) formats. PDF files will automatically open and display in most browsers (upon clicking on the link), whereas Word files will need to be downloaded, saved and opened separately. Note that "docx" is the newer format currently used in Word.

The Bargain Bin contains lower grade and mid-grade common tokens that can be sold at wholesale pricing. Most have no or few problems. The list begins with 18th Century Provincial or "Conder" tokens. You may also find 19th Century tokens, Unofficial farthings, and other categories.
Currently no "Bargain Bin" tokens are available for sale.

  • Items for sale are no longer listed on this page. Instead, see the latest price list (linked above) in PDF or Word document format, or contact Bill for more information.

  • Provincial, or "Conder" Tokens They are listed by Dalton & Hamer numbers with no descriptions, but the description for any given piece can be supplied if requested. They are all in 2x2 paper holders and properly identified. Other than extremely minor problems will be noted. Dealers are welcome.

  • 19th Century Penny and Halfpenny Tokens These are listed by Withers numbers. Once again, no descriptions are given, but will be supplied if requested. They are all in 2x2 paper holders and properly identified. Prices will be listed on each individual token.

  • Unofficial Farthings These are listed by Bell and Whitmore numbers. Description information as above.

  • Other Items Could be almost anything!

  • All Books INCLUDE SHIPPING cost for USPS Media Mail within the USA. For First class or express shipment, or shipment outside the USA, please ask for a quote on shipping.

  • See information on grading, sales and ordering.

  • Please contact Bill for additional information.

  • Also see bibliography.

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